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Renewable energies: Air Liquide joins forces with Fonroche Biogaz

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Air Liquide announces that it has acquired a 5% stake in the capital of Fonroche Biogaz, a subsidiary of the Fonroche Group, a key player in the production of renewable energies. In connection with this acquisition, the two groups plan to pool their skills in order to develop, in partnership, projects involving the purification and upgrading of biogas for the French market.

In a world where energy needs and sources are changing rapidly, the ability to transform organic resources into renewable and totally carbon-free energy is poised to become part of the new energy mix. The energy produced in this way offers the advantage of being easy to store and responsive to the need for sustainable heating and mobility in modern societies.

Founded in 2008, Fonroche, which has expertise in four aspects of renewable energy (photovoltaic, geothermal, biogas, and off-grid lighting systems) and nearly 200 employees, has developed expertise in projects that entail the methanization of agro-industrial and agricultural wastes. Air Liquide designs and implements biogas purification technologies that give the Group world leadership in this area, with more than ten years of experience.

Air Liquide and Fonroche Biogaz will invest and pool their expertise to co-manage projects that they will jointly develop. On the operational level, Fonroche Biogaz will intervene upstream to ensure the reliability of the waste supply side, handle the methanization, and enable the production of organic fertilizers. Air Liquide will work downstream to bring its expertise in purification, as well as its skills in the marketing of upgraded biogas, in particular for use with sustainable mobility projects (bio CNG - biogas for vehicles).

Laurent Lubrano, head of development at Fonroche Biogaz, commented: 

“By combining their strengths and their competencies, Air Liquide and Fonroche Biogaz are positioning themselves as a leading team, efficient and dedicated to the enhancement of organic wastes and resources serving agro-industrial players, the agricultural field, and local government agencies.”

Pierre Etienne Franc, VP, Advanced Business and Technologies for Air Liquide, commented: 

“This partnership will allow Air Liquide and Fonroche Biogaz to co-develop a center of excellence in the field of biogas that integrates the entire value chain. It also attests to the Group’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that promote the energy transition and the emergence of new and non-polluting energies.”

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