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Projects featuring Air Liquide biogas membrane technology win three awards at 8th Annual Biogas Industry Awards in the U.S.

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The American Biogas Council hosted the 8th Annual Biogas Industry Awards in Madison WI, on October 30, 2019, to recognize exemplary biogas projects and technology. Air Liquide’s patented membrane technology was a key contributor to the success of several awarded projects. 

Air Liquide’s biogas upgrading technology took home the “Innovation Project of the Year” award for the Renovar Arlington LTD project. This project upgrades waste gas from two landfills and a wastewater treatment plant into biomethane, also known as renewable natural gas (RNG). The landfill gas upgrading project utilizes the first-of-its-kind membrane-based Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) to remove excess nitrogen from the product gas. Air Liquide’s membrane technology can be utilized in many different applications in the biogas upgrading market to help customers manage their waste stream and reduce methane emissions with hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen removal in the landfill, dairy and agriculture industries. 

Furthermore, Air Liquide provided two of its customers with innovative membrane-based biogas upgrading technology that assisted with their wins as “Project of the Year” recipients. The Calumet Renewable energy project utilizes Air Liquide’s MicroBiogasTM membrane technology for the first dairy-based biogas to RNG project in the state of Wisconsin as well as the first project in the United States to transport this dairy-based RNG using highway transportation. The Valley View project features Air Liquide membrane technology for the purification of hog waste biogas into RNG. 

Air Liquide’s culture of innovation in membrane technology has further established its place as a leader in the biogas industry, such as landfills, digesters and wastewater treatment plants, nitrogen (N2) rejection in digesters and wastewater treatment plants, for the renewable energy sector. Air Liquide is an established, and reliable provider of innovative technology solutions for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen in the biogas upgrading market.

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