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Méthavalor biomethane business launches on October 23, 2012 - Morsbach

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In connection with the launch of a biomethane division at the Méthavalor facility initiated by Sydeme in Forbach (57), Air Liquide Advanced Technologies is delighted to present its unit for membrane biogas purification, a first in France.

Sydeme’s global project is the first of its kind in France to bring together all the innovative technologies for transforming bio-waste into network biomethane and fuel biomethane under one roof. Circular economy, renewable energy, resource preservation, eco-friendly,… this project is exemplary on every level that matters in the area of sustainable development.

In April of this year, Air Liquide delivered its first biogas purification unit to the Méthavalor facility in Morsbach for the injection of biomethane into a natural gas network.

Today, the planet faces a dual challenge: the environment and energy. As a world leader, Air Liquide is actively pursuing the development of research and innovation that will lead to an unprecedented transition toward decreasing environmental impacts and offering its clients workable renewable energy solutions.

The search for new energy solutions is leading to a genuine paradigm shift: no one single type of energy meets every need in the way oil does today. The challenge is to define the optimal new energy mix. The budding field of biogas is naturally a part of this energy remix. With more than 100 years of technological developments in gas engineering, Air Liquide intends to contribute to its expansion.

The technology used is based on membranes specifically developed by Air Liquide to purify biogas. This technology, which works like a simple filter, was designed for the biogas business in order to keep operating needs at the facility to a minimum.
So far, Air Liquide has delivered around thirty installations worldwide, mainly in North America and Europe.

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