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Hydrogen mobility – moving forward into a low-carbon world

Air Liquide in association with Hydrogen Economist will host a live roundtable on 18 November to examine the growing hydrogen mobility sector and what is needed as we transition into a low-carbon world. The panellists will explore key opportunities and challenges facing the sector, including the subsectors of road transport and aviation, what technologies are changing the industry and what further steps are needed in terms of policy and the regulatory environment to make them cost competitive with conventional fuels. The discussion will focus on the key markets of Europe and the US/Asia.

The industry experts will discuss:

  • Mobility: Battery vs fuel cell technology in road transport; infrastructure; the development of a liquid hydrogen supply chain, H2 aviation partnerships and development, advanced countries
  • Policy: Regional and country specific policies and regulation framing the hydrogen economy; effective supply and demand policies
  • Technology: How the development of liquid hydrogen supply chains change the value proposition; what technologies could affect the cost curve, transition to renewable hydrogen 

Participation is free, register here: Link