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Simultaneous Hydrogen Filling Station

The next generation high capacity gaseous hydrogen station designed by Air Liquide provides upgraded technology aimed to fulfill light-duty vehicle market needs.

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Business Development Manager

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Innovative Technology

The high capacity station by Air Liquide has the capability of performing simultaneous fills through two fully equipped fueling positions at 700 bar.

Up to 1,000 kg in the dual dispensing portion. 

The capability of simultaneous fueling positions improve customer experience by decreasing extended wait times customers are currently experiencing within the market. Furthermore, with the increased capacity and dual fueling positions, the station will be able to accommodate more customers.

State of the art, dual dispensing capability.

To successfully optimize space, Air Liquide’s next generation station is built to have the compression, high pressure storage, and cooling integrated on a single skid. Not only does this reduce the overall footprint, but allows for an easier installation. 

Easy installment with less interconnections.

The main station skid is fully integrated and includes compression, medium and high pressure storage and cooling. The station is capable of dispensing hydrogen through two fueling positions simultaneous into light duty vehicles (2-10 kgs).

Operating Temperature
-30° to 40°


Equipment Footprint
28' x 9'6' x 13'4'


Approximate Weight


Air Liquide continues to develop technology to meet Grant Funding Opportunity (GFO) requirements in California and further expand the needs of the growing hydrogen energy market. The next generation high capacity hydrogen station is just one of Air Liquide’s range. Complementing this station technology, Air Liquide recently announced the development of the first-of-its-kind portable hydrogen station.