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FordonsGas, an Air Liquide company, will build three biomethane refueling stations dedicated to buses in the Småland region, Sweden

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FordonsGas will build three new bus refueling biomethane stations in the region of Småland. These investments are in line with FordonsGas’ focus on the buses and Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV)’s markets in Sweden. 

The three stations dedicated to refueling buses will be built in Nässjo, Vetlanda and Sävsjo. In the cities of Nässjo and Vetlanda they will be located directly in the bus depots. 

FordonsGas biomethane will come from Biond Production Sävsjö, a Swedish company which uses biomass, such as livestock waste, to produce biogas and biofertilizer which can be reused to grow feedstock for cows. 

Among Sweden’s largest biomethane players, FordonsGas now operates around 50 biomethane stations in the country. Thanks to these new developments, it will significantly strengthen its network of biomethane stations, contribute to the development of the local sustainable public transportation and support the local biogas circular economy.

Biomethane is a completely renewable fuel that is produced from biomass (organic waste) and can replace natural gas from fossil origin. Air Liquide is a committed stakeholder across the full span of the biomethane value chain for a sustainable transportation, from purification to production and to the final client.

FordonsGas, an Air Liquide company
Founded in 1998, FordonsGas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Liquide group, that distributes Bio-CNG/LNG for vehicles in Sweden. FordonsGas allows Air Liquide to better understand consumers' new practices in terms of clean transportation, while contributing to the development of the Swedish biogas industry.

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