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FordonsGas, an Air Liquide company, inaugurates its 5th liquefied biomethane station in Mjölby, Sweden

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FordonsGas, an Air Liquide company, opens its 5th liquefied biomethane station in Sweden, the first in Östergötland region. Among Sweden’s largest biomethane players, FordonsGas now operates around 50 biomethane stations in the country. The company is committed to developing this infrastructure and making liquified biomethane available for heavy-duty vehicles in Sweden.

Liquefied biomethane is used to power larger engines for long distances, such as trucks or ships. Air Liquide is Sweden’s only producer of liquified biomethane with its facility in Lidköping. FordonsGas is committed to developing a strong infrastructure for liquified biomethane with this 5th station to address the road transportation market. This station is built and operated by FordonsGas, with the support of the EU program GREAT.

Biomethane is a completely renewable fuel that is produced from biomass (organic waste) and can replace natural gas from fossil origin. Air Liquide is a committed stakeholder across the full span of the biomethane value chain for a sustainable transportation, from purification to production and to the final client.


Note: Liquefied biomethane is called liquefied biogas in the Nordic countries.


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