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European Zero Emission Buss Conference 2021

Learn what is next in clean transport!

The European Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) conference ZEB will call on European manufacturers, policy makers and operators to scale up their zero emission ambitions to become global leaders in the transition to a zero-emission society. National and regional policy makers are under increasing pressure to provide clean solutions for the transport sector to improve air quality across Europe’s cities and regions. The ZEB conference aims to provide these solutions and inform policy makers of the different options available to them from the battery and fuel cell electric bus industries. Participants are invited to join the exchange of ideas on these innovative technologies, and how barriers to their effective roll out can be overcome.

Next to the conference, there will be also an exhibition where attendees will be able to discuss with experts of the public transport sector.

For further information and updated news, please visit and follow @EUZEBconference on Twitter (#ZEB2021)