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Sustainable solutions for oil & gas industries

Cost-saving and environmental solutions for oil & gas companies
Upstream and midstream players in the oil & gas sectors are experiencing market and regulatory pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. Air Liquide offers a multitude of solutions in this field to help these companies meet their regulatory requirements as well as reducing their environmental footprint.

Water treatment

Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) is a technique that involves injecting high-pressure water into a wellbore, creating cracks in rock formations, in order to extract greater quantities of gas or oil more easily. This process is highly water intensive, which can cause problems in water-stressed regions as well as logistics and cost issues regarding theto disposing of or repurposing the water.

Air Liquide is developing a number of cost-efficient solutions for the treatment of wastewater on site to enable oil & gas companies to meet government regulations on water use and disposal.

These mobile or semi-mobile treatment plants would use either oxidation technologies for removal of contaminants or next-generation membrane-based pre-treatment technologies, thereby reducing disposal/handling costs and improving groundwater availability.

Air Liquide provides sustainable solutions for oil and gas companies 

Flare gas

Shale gas production in the USA has grown rapidly in recent years but many oil and gas companies don’t have adequate infrastructures to carry the gas to market. Flaring excess gas production, although better than just releasing it into the atmosphere, is still an economically and environmentally poor solution.

Air Liquide is working on new, small-scale solutions to recover flare gas directly in the field. The wasted gas can be treated to remove impurities before converting it into CNG or LNG, to be either used as fuel on site or transported off site to another customer. The surplus gas can also be converted into electricity on site to power various equipment.

These versatile solutions will help oil & gas companies reduce their environmental impact while increasing their revenues or reducing their costs by converting the wasted gas into fuel or power.