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Liquefied Natural Gas

Clean and economical fuel for off-grid applications
LNG is a clean alternative energy solution for remote sites with heat or energy production needs. As a pioneer of LNG, and an expert in cryogenics, Air Liquide is uniquely positioned to supply a complete solution to supply, store and dispense this energy.
  • Up to
    less noise*

  • Carbon footprint
    -10% and -90%
    when bio-NGV*

  • 85%
    less particulates*

  • Up to
    less NOx*

LNG is a clear, colorless and non-toxic liquid that forms naturally when natural gas is cryogenically cooled to -162°C (-260°F). It is produced with the same type of gas that can be found in domestic gas networks, but its liquid form is far easier and more efficient to store and transport.

LNG also has the advantage of being significantly cleaner than other alternatives on the market. For example, emissions from LNG contain 98.8% less sulphur oxide (Sox) and 87.2% fewer particulates than Ultra-Low-Sulfur no.2 diesel fuel.

In addition to this, it is possible to use a percentage of locally produced bio-LNG, further reducing the carbon footprint of your operations.

Applications for LNG in industry

LNG can be used for heat and energy production in a wide range of industries and applications, for example:

  • Asphalt hot mix production for road construction
  • Grain drying in agriculture
  • Industrial boilers for steam production and/or space heating
  • Fuel for mining vehicles and remote power generation

Heat and energy production

Industries like mining, road construction, agriculture, and food processing have significant heat or energy production requirements but the nature of your businesses means that your production sites are not necessarily close to gas pipelines or the electricity grid.

For these types of industries – or for the production of heat in other remote locations – LNG is a cleaner and often cheaper alternative to fuel oil or diesel.


Air Liquide’s capabilities

As a pioneer in LNG, Air Liquide has developed proprietary technology in logistics, on-shore bunkering stations, service stations, and boil-off management solutions, as well as for the storage and vaporization  of LNG on industrial sites.  

We can also now build bespoke multi-energy refueling stations like the one recently inaugurated in Fléville-devant-Nancy in France.