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Supply energy from waste
Air Liquide is a committed stakeholder across the full span of the biomethane value chain for a sustainable transport, from biogas supply and purification for biomethane production (which can be directly injected into the gas network) to distribution to the final client with bioNGV or clean multi-energy stations.
  • Up to
    less noise*

  • Carbon footprint*

  • 85%
    less particulates*

  • Up to
    less NOx*

* Compared to diesel 

Thanks to its expertise and skills in the gas sector, Air Liquide develops innovative solutions to reduce significantly vehicles' carbon footprint and thereby effectively meet society's major needs. Natural bio-Gas for Vehicles (bioNGV) is one of the solutions the Group supports.

Biomethane in transportation

The biomethane that is upgraded by Air Liquide is used as fuel and referred to as
Bio-Natural Gas for Vehicles (Bio-NGV). This Bio-NGV takes two forms:

  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). This fuel supplies stations for captive light vehicle fleets, cars, semi-trucks, vans, buses.
  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). Easily and safely transportable, this fuel supplies stations for semi-trucks, touring buses.

The biomethane is also used in the production of hydrogen (decarbonized hydrogen for use in hydrogen-powered vehicles, in Air Liquide commitment for Blue Hydrogen). 

Present across the whole biogas value chain

Air Liquide is present at every step of the biomethane value chain and supports the circular economy: from waste to mobility. Indeed, Air Liquide works with various partners to convert organic resources into biogas, designs and implements refinement technologies (Medal membrane) to produce biomethane and acquired FordonsGas a swedish distributor of bioNGV for the transport market. 

Clean transportation - Brochure
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