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CNG/BioCNG, a concrete alternative to petroleum-based fuels. Discover the new information website!

With a view to raising awareness among economic and institutional stakeholders and the general public of the ecological and economic advantages of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Vehicles, and bioCNG in particular, the biogas industry – represented by Biogaz Vallée® – and the CNG/bioCNG industry – represented by AFGNV – have launched a new website, which you can find at . This website is a very rich source of information regarding the use of CNG and bioCNG, and features, among other things, seven videos to learn everything there is to know about the subject.

This initiative is supported by several companies, including Air Liquide, which provided its expertise and experience of bioCNG. For several years now, the Group has been innovating and developing responsible mobility solutions based on fuel from gas produced with renewable resources such as hydrogen and natural gas for vehicles (compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas). Air Liquide controls the entire biomethane value chain for clean transport, from the production of biogas to the purification, liquefaction and distribution of biomethane.

Watch some of the videos on the development and use of CNG/bioCNG on:

Films produced by Science Frontières Production, with the help of Air Liquide, Carrefour, Fiat, FNCCR, ENGIE, GRDF, GRTgaz, IVECO, KEOLIS, Renault Trucks, Scania, Suez, and Volvo Trucks. Sponsored by Denis Baupin, Deputy of the 10th district of Paris and Vice-President of the National Assembly.