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Biomethane injected into the French network at Forbach on May 17

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In the current environment of energy transition, the injection of biomethane into the natural gas network marks the latest step in the process of recognizing the importance of energy gases in the world of tomorrow. As of Friday, May 17, 2013 at 9:27 am, the injection into the public network of the biomethane produced at the Méthavalor site from sorted and processed bio-waste has become a reality.

Air Liquide played an active role in bringing about this success, since its membrane biogas purification unit enables biogas to become biomethane. In addition to Sydeme, other partners that collaborated on the global project that led to the launch of the Méthavalor biomethane business include GrDF for injection into the network, IVECO for the vehicle fleet, and GNVERT, the GDF SUEZ Group’s sustainable mobility operator and a major player in the NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) network in France.

The injection process has begun and the Sydeme vehicle fleet now runs on biomethane, made possible by sorting the bio-waste produced by the inhabitants of the region surrounding Sydeme. The membrane biogas purification unit has now become fully operative, with a treatment capacity of 100 Nm3/h of “crude” (raw) biogas.

“We are delighted that biomethane is now being injected into the public network. This is the last major step in this innovative project, which both contributes to environmental preservation efforts and offers a viable renewable energy production solution. It sends a strong message about the important role played by various sources of gas energy during this energy transition phase”, noted Pierre Etienne Franc, Director of Air Liquide Advanced Business and Technologies

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