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Air Liquide supplies Nestlé with biomethane for sustainable transport in Lombardia, Italy

Air Liquide signed a multi-year contract for the supply of biomethane to Nestlé’s San Pellegrino transport fleet in Lombardia, Italy. The Group contributes to the decarbonization of the transport sector by valorizing agricultural and livestock waste from local farms to produce liquefied biomethane to be used as a clean fuel.

Within the context of this contract, Air Liquide fuels up to 50 Nestlé trucks every day. The biomethane will come from Air Liquide’s biomethane production units in Lombardia, starting with the unit inaugurated in Truccazzano in September, 2022. The biomethane comes from feedstock from neighboring farms, which guarantees a low-carbon footprint compared to fossil extracted gas. 

In Italy, Air Liquide set up a business model where it partners with local players to efficiently cover the entire biomethane value chain to contribute to clean transportation. To supply Nestlé, Air Liquide partners with MZ Energia (Petra group) and Koiné. MZ Energia distributes the biomethane via their station located in Brembate (BG). The station is located near Nestlé’s logistic center which is operated by Koiné, Nestlé Water’s historical transporter. This cooperation between partners shows the ability of Air Liquide to develop low carbon solutions for its clients with a circular economy approach. 

Air Liquide has developed competencies throughout the biomethane value chain, starting with biogas production from waste, to its purification into biomethane, liquefaction, storage, and transportation to distribution. Globally, including the units in Italy, Air Liquide now has 22 biomethane operational production units for a yearly production capacity of 1.6 TWh.