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Air Liquide inaugurates a new clean multi-energy station in France

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On October 17, 2017, Air Liquide inaugurated in Crépy-en-Valois, France, its fifth clean multi-energy station on the French territory, the second in partnership with Carrefour Group.

This station, built on a site provided by Blondel Group, is the first of the Oise department dedicated to road freight transport. It supplies vehicles with NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) and bio-NGV. This renewable fuel is produced from waste thanks to Air Liquide biogas purification units. The station also enables to supply trucks fitted with a cryogenic refrigerating unit with liquid nitrogen
The station is open to professionals 24/7. 

Carrefour Group is rolling out bio-NGV stations across France for the supply of its trucks, with an objective of 200 trucks fueled with biomethane in the end of 2017

Thanks to its expertise and skills in the gas sector, Air Liquide develops innovative solutions to reduce significantly vehicles' carbon footprint and thereby effectively meet society's major needs. Natural bio-Gas for Vehicles (bioNGV) and nitrogen cryogenics are among the solutions the Group supports for clean mobility. 

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