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Air Liquide inaugurates its first biomethane production unit in Italy

Air Liquide inaugurated today its first biomethane production unit in Italy with its local partner Dentro il Sole (DIS). Located in Truccazzano, near Milan, the unit contributes to the decarbonization of the transport sector by valorizing agricultural and livestock waste from local farms to produce liquefied biomethane. Two other production units are under construction in the region. 

Air Liquide operates the digester that receives feedstock from neighboring farms to produce biogas, which guarantees a low-carbon footprint compared to fossil extracted gas. Using Air Liquide proprietary technologies, this biogas is purified into biomethane and then liquified to be used as a fuel. The unit’s production capacity will allow it to fuel more than 40 trucks per day. This clean non-fossil fuel reduces fine particulates emissions by up to 85%, CO2 emissions by 90%, and noise pollution by up to 50% compared to diesel. 

In addition, the unit is fitted with a specific technology that purifies the digestate, a by-product of the biomethane production, which can then be used as a fertilizer by farmers. 

Air Liquide has started the construction of two additional biomethane production units, in Fontanella and in Covo, both near Milan, in the Province of Bergamo. These two additional production units are planned to be operational by the end of 2022.

Air Liquide has developed competencies throughout the whole biomethane value chain, starting with biogas production from waste, to its purification into biomethane, liquefaction, storage, and transportation to distribution. Globally, including the unit in Truccazzano, Air Liquide now has 22 biomethane operational production units for a yearly production capacity of 1.6 TWh.

Gianluca Cremonesi, General Manager Air Liquide Biogas Solutions Italy, said : “With this first biomethane production unit, which will soon be followed by two other units, Air Liquide is contributing to the decarbonization of the transport sector in Italy and to the development of a local circular economy. These investments illustrate the Group's capacity to provide its customers with low-carbon solutions, in line with its Sustainable Development strategy.”