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Air Liquide continues to develop its European biomethane business in Italy

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Air Liquide Group is continuing to grow its biomethane business, in Italy, using an approach that promotes a circular economy in the farming sector, allowing to recycle agricultural waste along the entire biomethane value chain.

Air Liquide’s development model for biomethane uses a circular economy approach that is in line with the provisions of the Italian decree on biomethane, which came into force in March 2018. It aims to develop partnerships with farming entities in order to recycle waste from crop and livestock farming by using them in biomethane production facilities. This allows farmers, on the one hand, to create value from the waste generated by their activity; and on the other hand, to produce biomethane intended for the transportation industry through the purification and conversion processes of biogas.

In a global context where clean and renewable energies are playing an increasingly central role, the capacity to turn organic resources into non-polluting, renewable energies provides a real solution to modern societies’ demand for energy in clean transportation. Air Liquide is working actively in the biomethane sector and has developed proprietary technologies, like its membrane technology for purification and its liquefaction technology. Its teams boast expertise along the entire biomethane value chain, from production to distribution, right down to biomethane stations that enable its use in road transport.

So, in Italy, Air Liquide is proposing a business model that seeks to add value along the entire production chain thanks to the creation of joint ventures. Through these partnerships, farmers can monetize their skills and rely on the technologies, experience, financial support, and guarantees of a proven business model developed by Air Liquide.

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