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Air Liquide and Daimler Truck completed the first liquid hydrogen refueling for a truck

© Daimler Truck AG

On June 14, Air Liquide and Daimler Truck AG successfully completed a liquid hydrogen refueling for a heavy-duty long-haul fuel-cell truck prototype in Wörth, Germany. With this milestone, Air Liquide supports the decarbonization of heavy-duty road transport over long distances, for which liquid hydrogen is a particularly suitable solution.

Air Liquide developed an enhanced mobile refueling system based on an innovative technology. The system successfully refilled a prototype heavy-duty truck powered by liquid hydrogen directly at Daimler Truck’s development and testing facility. Air Liquide also supplied the liquid hydrogen produced in its nearby liquefaction plant.

Currently on the market, trucks are powered with gaseous hydrogen. As the energy density of liquid hydrogen is higher than that of gaseous hydrogen, its use could double the range and capabilities for heavy-duty long-haul trucks (up to 1,000 km and more).