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Global Markets & Technologies

Incubator of New Technologies and Markets

With a strong expertise in cutting-edge technologies and inspired by disruptive mindsets, Global Markets & Technologies (GM&T) opens new business frontiers for the Group.

Our Mission

Air Liquide Global Markets & Technologies delivers technological solutions (molecules, equipment and services) to support the new markets of energy transition, maritime and deep tech, in order to accelerate Air Liquide sustainable growth.

Transition to clean energy

As part of its contribution to the energy transition challenge, Air Liquide drives innovation in clean transportation and offers natural energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

Advanced Business & Technologies has developed unique expertise in managing the entire hydrogen value chain, as an energy vector for clean transport. Air Liquide is contributing to the emergence of this sector by supporting deployment of the necessary hydrogen stations on a worldwide scale.

We also designs biogas purification solutions and offers multi-energy stations. The biomethane produced can be used as a substitute for natural gas and can be injected directly into the gas distribution network or used as fuel for vehicles.